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International NLP Research Foundation or INLPRF founded in the year of 2010. We are some like minded people around the world doing a comprehensive research and experiments in the field of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

People often termed NLP as pseudo science but what we have noticed from our own experiences that this pseudo science work much better and effectively comparing to so called scientific discipline when it comes to fast and quick behavior changes of any person.

We at INLPRF strongly believe NLP is an unique art to bring positive changes in people’s behavior. It’s not the song but the singer makes the song sounds ear soothing and heart touching. We all are in this group practicing this art of NLP religiously.

What we do?

We offer free NLP training for general people, We certify organization who are practicing this art of NLP around the world. We conduct NLP therapy or coaching session for those who are in need and last but not the least we spend our quality time to bring awareness about NLP in our society.

Our Vision

Making this world a better place to live by bringing positive changes in people’s life

Our Mission

We will make people more happy, abundant and fulfilled through our flexible NLP knowledge

Our Goal

We will bring positive changes to 1 Million people around the world through our unique innovative and result oriented NLP tools ,techniques and knowledge.

We are inviting people from all around the world to join in this mission . Any feedback and suggestion will be highly appreciated.

  • INLPRF Team